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viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010

Museums in Guayaquil

Museums in Guayaquil

Our beautiful Guayaquil is a city full of history and we are proud of it. When you are in your Social Studies classes, you learn about the history of our country and of our city Guayaquil, too. If you look at the pictures in the Social Studies book or if you watch the power point presentations teachers show, your imagination starts flying and you wonder how things happened or how was life by then.

Well, guess what….. There are places you can visit where you can see artifacts and many other valuable objects and pictures that teach you about our history. These amazing places are called MUSEUMS. In our city, there are many of them you can visit. Check this out,

· MAAC (Art and Archaeology Museum) this is one of the most important museums of Ecuador and is located at Malecón 2000. If you visit this museum, you will see many of the ceramics Valdivia, Chorrera and Machalilla cultures made.

· The City Hall Museum/ Museo Municipal This museum is downtown. Go there and not only that you can see important colonial documents but weapons and even a very old car that used to ride on our streets.

· Guayaquil en la Historia-Miniature Exposition: This exposition is located underneath the IMAX theater in Malecón 2000. It´s an amazing adventure that goes from the origins of our city until what Guayaquil is today.

Don’t waste your time, tell your parents right away and we are sure they will be very glad to take you either to the museums we mentioned above or to some others that are around the city.

Why is visiting a museum important?

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  1. For me, is interesting to know the secrets of our ancenstors an all their cultures.
    Eduardo Rubira Cedeño 7a

  2. It´s important because,we can learn

    about,history,culture and we also learn abaout our


    katherine avendaño 7 air A

  3. It is important because we can know old thing that our ancestors leave. We olso have great time visiting them because it is interesting.

    Cristhian Cedeño 7 air

  4. It is important because in the museums we can learn about the past and how was our country before.

    7 "Air" AP
    Sebastian Mendoza

  5. Is important to visit a museum;because it can show us many stories of the history. There are many kinds of museums like the Louvre in Paris, or the Smithsonian in New York, or small museums like ours in Guayaquil or in Quito. Always we can learn of the past in a museum and enlarge our culture.

    Claudia Peñaherrera 7a Air AP.

  6. It is important, because when we go to the museums we can learn many things of our history, ancestors, etc. It is very interesting to visit a museum.

    Nicolás Rodríguez Saltos.

    7 air ap

  7. It is very important because we can learn more thing that can be useful for us in the future.
    José Ignacio Yánez 7A

  8. It is very important because we can know about our history in the past also about our ancestors and many important things.
    to visit a museum is good because there is where they explain you about Ecuador in early times

  9. It is important because in museums we learn abut Ecuador in early times, also we could know about our ancestors and the history of our country like how it was before and after.
    Camilo Endara 7air


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