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lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010


Today is May 17, Recycling International Day.
Do you know what Recycling means? A short definition would be that Recycling is treating things that have been used so that they can be used again. Why Recycling?

  • Saves landfill space because it reduces the amount of trash that must be thrown away.
  • Saves air and water. It does not dirty them as much as making new products from scratch.
  • Saves other resources like aluminum and trees. Fewer new trees must be cut when used paper is recycled.
  • Saves energy. Less energy is needed to recycle used products into new ones than to make new products from scratch.
Which ways can you Recycle?
Tell us one or two specific things a child like you could do to Recycle.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

Mother´s Day

"Being a full time MOM, is one of the highest salaried jobs, since the payment is pure LOVE"

Yes, being a mother is a non-stopping work. Moms don´t receive a salary for all the chores they have to perform every day. However, it is surely a fun job because they share time with their kids. Since moms want the best for their children sometimes funny things happen to them....
For example: once I forgot my homework in the car, so when my mom realized the situation she started running from the parking lot to my classroom. My mom was not an athletic person, and she suddenly fell down on the ground. Her shoes flew away and my homework was all wrinkled.... of course all my classmates saw that accident. Since then, my mom is known as
the "Flying Mom" :)
There are mothers that have strange ways to act, speak, do house chores or dress. Still, they are our most important person in the world...... aren´t they??? We love them!!!

Share a funny experience you´d had with your mom that you will never forget.......and wish her a HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY!