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lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010


Today is May 17, Recycling International Day.
Do you know what Recycling means? A short definition would be that Recycling is treating things that have been used so that they can be used again. Why Recycling?

  • Saves landfill space because it reduces the amount of trash that must be thrown away.
  • Saves air and water. It does not dirty them as much as making new products from scratch.
  • Saves other resources like aluminum and trees. Fewer new trees must be cut when used paper is recycled.
  • Saves energy. Less energy is needed to recycle used products into new ones than to make new products from scratch.
Which ways can you Recycle?
Tell us one or two specific things a child like you could do to Recycle.

15 comentarios:

  1. Children in school do work with drawing sheets, the back of recycled paper to make notes. Also in the holidays can be used glasses and not plastic.

  2. David Glas 6AIR
    i think that we can do this recycling things:we can help people thats pick up the garbage and we can use the things that we don´t use for another thing.

  3. I can recycle by reusing the papers instead of putting them in the trash.
    Also is a good way to recycle by collecting bottles from the trash and using them for others things like a science project.
    Ayleen Amen 6to a

  4. Luis Mario Arroba
    6to Air

    I think that we help to the world recycling all the things that I don´t use and make things news such as notebooks with papers of the previos years or make a dog´s house with boxes that I don´t need.

  5. Alex Cosíos

    1)recycle,reuse and reduce
    2)don´t throw trash in the river and street

  6. Juan Carlos Andrade23 de mayo de 2010, 8:52

    Juan Carlos Andrade
    Two forms to recycle are one is separing in groups of paper , plastic and glass.
    The second form is re using some things.
    Juan Carlos Andrade 6 air

  7. We can recycle using the paper of the old notebooks, or separating the waste in papers , plastic, and organics

    Paulina Nuñez 6to air

  8. I think that I can recicle using the back of the paper and classify the cartons, the papers and the

  9. I recycle classifying the trash in containers for each type of waste

  10. Daniela Felix Erazo
    I think that we should have trash cans with signs :paper, plastic and glass,in our school for recycle our trash and after sell it and with this money to buy trees to plant in differents places.
    Let´s recycle together !!!

  11. We can separate the paper , plastic and organic garbage.

  12. I think we could begin to reuse paper and other materials Also do. Also do and begin to reduce waste in the streets.

    I think we could begin to reuse paper and other materials Also do. And begin to reduce waste in the streets too.

  14. Kenneth Rodriguez
    6th 'B' Air

    Well,I think I could collect things in my neighborhood that can be reuse.I could also organize a recycing campaing with my family and friends. In these ways I can contribute with against the pollution.

  15. I like to play with my friends .
    I like to do drawings.
    I like to stay with my family .
    I like to do fun activities.
    Maria Eduarda Davalos


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