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miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

Mother´s Day

"Being a full time MOM, is one of the highest salaried jobs, since the payment is pure LOVE"

Yes, being a mother is a non-stopping work. Moms don´t receive a salary for all the chores they have to perform every day. However, it is surely a fun job because they share time with their kids. Since moms want the best for their children sometimes funny things happen to them....
For example: once I forgot my homework in the car, so when my mom realized the situation she started running from the parking lot to my classroom. My mom was not an athletic person, and she suddenly fell down on the ground. Her shoes flew away and my homework was all wrinkled.... of course all my classmates saw that accident. Since then, my mom is known as
the "Flying Mom" :)
There are mothers that have strange ways to act, speak, do house chores or dress. Still, they are our most important person in the world...... aren´t they??? We love them!!!

Share a funny experience you´d had with your mom that you will never forget.......and wish her a HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY!

12 comentarios:

  1. When I was a little boy I was learning how to ride a bike and I fell down and I hurt myself then my mother came and she took me in her hands and she sang me my favourite song until I stopped crying.

    happy Mother's Day :)

    Sebastian Mendoza 7"A"

  2. One day when I was in a school in Quito, my mother and I went to the school. My mother was learning to drive the car. When she was going to park the car, she get out to say the person of the car ahead if he can move his car and my mom forgot to set the parking brake and the car went back and hit the car of the person that my mom was talking!

    José Ignacio Yánez

  3. I remember that it was a sunny day for swim in the pool, in afternoon I went to the pool but I forgot my towel in the house, I called my mom, she is going to give me the towel , and she don´t see the puddle and she fell down. I wish to her a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

    Ana Alejandra Vivas

  4. One day I was on Seaworld and the park was almost closed and we sat down for a moment and when we stood up my mom´s wallet fell on the plant and of luck we dont have money there oly the credit cards that another person cannot use and at the next day we foun the wallet on the lost things.

    Sebastián Alvarado.

  5. When we baked cookies in a competition we had a lot of fun!


    Stephanie Mak 7th basic AIR AP

  6. when i was 7 my mom hear a sound in the kitchen and she went to my room to protect me she even call the police! and guess what! it was a cat!!
    i think it was really cute (:
    domenica orellana

  7. On Sunday I decided invite my mom to dinner but in a different way. We went to a farm and had a picnic.
    We had a wonderful time, we smelled fresh air, and saw many butterflies of many bright colors. We had a great time and my mom enjoyed it very much.

  8. When my hamster was lost my mom and I started to look in all the house and it was in his mini house, it was camouflage!

    Domenica Balda 7mo airAP

  9. One time when we were in Arasha my mom and I went to the mini golf. We were playing and none of us could put the ball into the hole. We were in one hole, there was a stream and my mom's ball fell in it, so I tried to take out the ball with the stick and it fell into the stream. That was so funny we were criying to tears after all that happened, we had to call for help to get it out. That was one of the funniest things that had happened to me and my mother!
    Happy Mothers Day!

    Giuliana Galls.

  10. when i was 6 i had a stomache and my mother had to work but she didnt go she take care of me

    maria Elena rubira

  11. when my family go to the amazon we where looking a flower then a big spider come out of flower and start to walk around my moms body and I kill it but it was slipery and ugly

    Leonardo Romero 7 air ap

  12. My mother is a very happy person that every day is working in te home and cooking you now I are going to tell you a story. One day wen I was 2 years old my mom and my family was strolling and we go to my department and go to the elevator and I crush the nunber 7 and I go very fast and my mom go to find me in all the rooms of the department until my mom found my I was in the room 7 thats is an incredible story . of Gabriel Sanchez 5to. A


Hearing from you is great. Thanks a lot!