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miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

Children´s Day

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International Children´s Day is celebrated around the world on June 1. In our school, we celebrate this day with The Story We Like The Most. Students write messages to the authors of the stories and we send them to the sky on a balloon.... Afterwards we share a picnic with parents.

Describe what activities you like to do with your family and friends to celebrate this special day.

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  1. children´s day

    i like to do in child´s day much of things but my favorites are:go to the pool in my house,walk to the malecón and eat ice-cream of chocolate i like the chocolate and my favorite had a picnic with all my family.
    i love child´s day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    melanie villamar

  2. Maria Eduarda Davalos17 de junio de 2010, 14:24

    I like to play with my friends .
    I like to have fun.
    I like to stay with my family.
    I like to do fun activities.

  3. I like children´s day because your family gives you presents
    in my school we had a big party with my friends
    we ate pizza and drank soda
    we play a game and our class win
    we had a lot of fun
    it was the best children´s day of the world.

    Ma.Emilia Fierro

  4. Children´s day was a funny day i and my family went to the Naval Club wiht my friends of the class,we played and swam in the pool, we ate cake.It was my favorite day

  5. Sebastián Martín Falconí17 de junio de 2010, 16:11

    One thing that would be incredible during Children´s Day: is to play soccer. There are a lot things we can do like making races, playing basketball, going to the pool, play in catches with your friends and making a picnic.
    There are other games like putting the tail to the horse or putting more balls in the canasta.
    I would like that thank.

  6. Fiorella Freire G.17 de junio de 2010, 16:28

    That day is special for us.
    My mother,father and I usually spend the day together.First we have breakfast.My mother prepares a delicious meal for us.
    Then in the afternoon,we go to the movies or something else.
    Our day finishes with a nice dinner in any place I choose.
    It's always a funny day!!

  7. At childrens day I would like to play a lot of games and to dance some coreographies. It would be fun!
    also I want to swim in the pool,I would like to have 4 recess and to have pizza,burger king,mcdonalds and ice creammeals for lunch.Finally,I want to go to the school at 8:00 am and go home at 12:30 pm.

    Valeria Barrera 5 C air

  8. It was very funny and a lot of surprises and I did a picnic with my friends at school and then i went to the movies with my cousins and saw Iron Man 2 it was a wonderful day

  9. homework
    In june 1 is internacional children´s day In Logos we celebrate it with the history we like the most. First we go to the auditorium to have the first part of the event. Then we go to the fields to celebrate the second part the second second part is the best. Finally we have a picnic with parents .Children´s day is the best

  10. Marcelo Armiijos G. - 5to B17 de junio de 2010, 19:04

    Date:Thursday,June 17,2010

    In the Children´s Day I like to:Play with my Friends,go to my friends house,eat PIZZA,to do fun things with my family and my friends.

  11. In the childrens day I like to play with my friends
    soccer,videogames,basket,bicycle and to swim and to stroll with my family.

    Gabriel Sanchez 5th.A


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