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domingo, 4 de julio de 2010



July is special for our city....a 25th. of July Guayaquil was founded. Since then, it has been growing and changing....and we feel very proud to live here.

Many events are being held during this month considering Guayaquil´s anniversary. The Book Fair in the Palacio de Cristal and the arts exhibition in Las Peñas are just two of the most interesting. There are a bunch of other activities you can do or places you can visit to get to know your city a bit more. What have you planned to do? You better start to avoid missing the fun! Meanwhile, we would like you to answer this question to show you know about your city.....

Which do you consider the best place to visit in Guayaquil? Why?

And a good citizen and have fun!

18 comentarios:

  1. I consider that the best place to visit in Guayaquil
    is Malecon 2000; because is and intersting place; and it show us how Guayaquil people is and a little of it culture.
    Bianca Estupinan
    7 Air
    Miss Ma Belen

  2. Alejandra Castaño T. 7º air a22 de julio de 2010, 18:50

    Las Peñas, because that place is very interesting and beautiful, because of the bars, the souvenirs to buy, the lighthouse and the church which are on the top of Las Peñas. Also, the colours of the houses and the ancient structure that each house and bar have.

  3. I think the best place to visit in Guayaquil is las peñas because there is written the story of Guayaquil and we can find the ancient cannons were we defeated many spanish people and pirates.


  4. Carlos Garófalo Betancourt; 5to AIR2 de agosto de 2010, 15:23

    Other place that is very beautiful in our city is "Parque Historico" because there you can see all kinds of animals and plants and also you can visit the colonial houses and you can to learn how was Guayaquil before.

  5. I think that for me is the civic center.Because my mom ,my dad and me wwnt there to se the Russian circus; and it was so fun that we were all incredible and the show was very interesting.

    maria elena thomas 7b

  6. A beutiful place to visit in Guayaquil is the History Park in that park you can appreciate the beutiful Guayas river, tipical animals from The Coast and typical food. You can meet tipical people, tipical houses and you can now how was Guayaquil before


  7. leonardo romero 7 air ap
    I thing the best place is malecon 2000 because it have all the story of guayaquil

  8. I would like to visit the Parque Historico because it reflecs many history and old houses that showa how Guayaquil was.
    Stephanie Mak
    7th basic AIR AP

  9. Ithink that a very good place is The Malecon 2000 because you can see the incredible Guayas river and you can go and be fun with your family.Also near of the Malecon There are many interesting museums. And if you want more fun you can go to the Imax movie theater.
    José Ignacio Yánez 7 AIR AP

  10. Thanks for your comments kids...seems like you really love your city and have visited many interesting places in your city. Congratulations!

  11. I think the best place to visit in Guayaquil is Parque Historico, because it shows the ancient Guayaquil, how it was in the past, it’s very beautiful.

    Ana Alejandra Vivas
    7º Air AP

  12. For me the best place to visit is "Las Peñas" because it shows us the antique Guayaquil and it is a place rich in history and art.

    Sebastian Mendoza 7 Air AP

  13. I think the best place to visit in Guayaquil is Parque Historico because it shows us the old things about Ecuador. Also because there are many animals that are from our habitat and it’s also very big and beautiful.

    Doménica Miño
    7 AP

  14. I think that the vest part is Malecón 2.000 because if you continue walking, you will see the Serro Santa Ana, and you will have a perfect view of Guayaquil, especially at night.
    Eduardo Rubira Cedeño 7a.

  15. I thinks that is Malecon 2000 cause it has many traditional things of Guayaquil.
    Domenica Balda 7moC AIR AP

  16. Homework:

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    I want to be a surfer or a baseball player.Because those are my favorites sports and i like surf because i love the sea.I also love baseball because I see people playing baseball and when i see those people playing i want to try playing baseball.I also want to be like my cousin that surf.

    I like very much baseball and surf

  17. hello miss margarita the blog is nice.When I grow up, I would like to became a medical doctor and continue to be a ballerina. This will be able to help people and enjoy mi art.......

    by: Cristina Flores Pesantes

  18. hello mis Margarita i love your blog i gonna tell you what i gonna be when i grow up i will be an actress and i will take care of all the animals


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