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miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010



Have you ever been teased by your sister or brother? Maybe you tease a good friend or you are teased by them at some point. This is something that happens very frequently and it is not wrong if both of you find it funny. But what happens when teasing is constant and makes other people feel bad? That is what we call BULLYING.

Sometimes we think that bullying is only a repeated aggressive physical behavior, but it is not only that. Bullies not only hit, they also throw things, pull hair, kick, call names, threat and tease constantly their victims. The victims are generally smaller or weaker than them and are afraid to tell others what is happening.

Bullying is becoming a real problem not only among teenagers, but even worse among preschoolers.

As a child you have the choice to fight bullying. It is up to you to decide if you want to be a friendly, kind and respectful person and become a good leader or if you want to be nasty and mean to become a bully. What do you rather be?

What is your opinion about bullies? Why do you think they want to hurt others?

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  1. i think that bulling is bad because they think they are the best and also because they hurt you physical and mentally they are always geting your money.they do that because when they were younger their parents abuses them or a person older than him and thats why they always are bothering.

  2. I think that bullies are not good people at all,but they can be a reason why they do that and culd be problems in house and they get even of the weakest teenagers in the class.

    maria elena thomas 7b

  3. I think they want to hurt other people because:
    Someone bullied that person in the past or they just wan to feel superior and better than anyone by bullying other people

    Stephanie Mak
    7 Basic AIR AP

  4. I think that the bullies want the others do what they say because they think that they are superior to others and they hurt them because they want the money of lunch and to order them to do things for them like if they are gods and they think they govern the entire world.


  5. My opinion of bullies is that it is incorrect to tease the persons too much. I think they want to hurt other people because they think that doing that they are going to be the best but that is not true because the only thing they get is that nobody would be with him.

  6. I think that bullies think that other people doesn´t care about what bullies are doing with them. Also it can be that they do that because that make them happy.Whatever is the reason we have to learn that it can make feel others really sad.
    José Ignacio Yánez Freire 7 Air Ap

  7. Its bad because you are doing something wrong.
    They want to bully you because they dont have dignity and dont go to the good way and because they dont have other things to do they are not good persons.
    The people that do that its bad people because JESUUS doesnt like that people bully others.

  8. Bullies are bad because they make others feel sad, but I think bullier only want to call the attention of others maybe because they don´t receive love, or the don´t receive enough attention.

    Sebastian Mendoza 7 Air AP

  9. What I think from bullying is that is not good, because anyone wants to be bullying or teasing. And also I think that a reason could be, that they had problems in their house.
    Bianca Veronica Estupiñan Grijalva
    7 AIR

  10. I think that as a child you decide if you want to be friendly or fight bullying. Being friendly and respectfull with other is good because people estimate you but if you want to be mean with others you will become a bully. People want to hurt somebody because they think they will be cool.
    Cristhian Cedeño 7c air "a"

  11. Sonia Ma. Pinto Gomez
    7th Air A.P.
    Wednesday August 18, 2010

    For me ,every human been ,has a reson
    to act the way they do . So in my point of view ,when you see some one being mean to others, itmust be because there is something going on in there life. Maybe , they just want to draw the
    attention, or they want repeate the accion that their older sibiling did to them. But as I said, there is always a reason for some one to act the
    way they do.So, that is why they say every one is
    unique and special, because ,its how you are raised
    ,and your apperiance.

  12. I think that is not correct to do that cause people almost always get hurt.
    Domenica Balda 7mo C

  13. I think that you are the one that takes this decision.
    You can choose to be a bully or be friendly. Well.. what I think about bullies is that they just want to hurt peoples feelings because they want to be popular.But they are wrong, they are just hurting peoples feelings.

    Felipe Ochoa 7-Air AP.

  14. Doménica Miño 7AP

    Bulling is incorrect. I think bully’s try to make people miserable and want them to be scared of them. They want to be the best and making others do what they want.

  15. I think that bullies are bad because they think they are the best and is not that. i think that the don't like to other people bull them, and also can change the prsonality of a person, bullies make others feel sad and miserable.

    Luis Fernando Aguirre 7 air"a"

  16. I think that bullying is bad because when people tease you it afects you phisicaly and mentaly and I also think that the bullies have problems in their houses.

    Nicolás Rodríguez

  17. carlos garofalo 5to air19 de agosto de 2010, 17:43

    homework: i want to be a soccer player because i love these sport and i am verry god in this sport

  18. y want to be a constructor like my father because when y grow i need to continue my father's work.

  19. Sebastiàn Martìn Falconí23 de agosto de 2010, 13:51

    I thing that the bullies want to feel better than you I think that is the reason of why bullies like to be bullying .My opinion about bullying is that it is bad to be bullying people as you make other people sad.

  20. I think that people who bulls someone does it because they think that he is better or stronger. And people who is bull shouldn't be afraid to tell others about it because of that, because if they ask for help they can solve the problem. Camila 5 air "b"

  21. Fiorella Freire 5th AIR23 de agosto de 2010, 16:45

    5 th AIR.

    I don't know yet what I want to be in the future.
    I was thinking that i can be a megastar, a famous singer, an artist; but I don't know if my parents would aprove it.
    My mother would like me to be a Vet. My father'd like me to be a scientist or an archeologist.
    However, the most important thing for them is, what I am interested in the future makes me feel really happy.


  22. My opinion is that they should not be upset because they only
    because they have nothing to do and that's fun

  23. i think bullies are bad because maybe they dont had a nice past or they want to feel superiot on other people and sometimes they think that if you hurt its cool because they think that when you hurt you are more popular but that is incorrect because if someone hurts you, you feel bad

    eileen mak air

  24. i think that bullying is not a good way to choose because you have to be respectful and obedient with your friends,i think people want to hurt other people because they think that if you do that you will be popular in your class.

    valeria barrera kang 5 C air

  25. My opinion is that bullies are very bad people,they hurt a lot of people, because they think that hurt people and to make feel bad people is good.


  26. Manuel Alejandro Chavez23 de agosto de 2010, 18:33

    what do you think about bullies?
    that they are bad becaose we all should be respectfull and will you like to be bothered? I don`t think so
    why do youthink they want to hurt others?
    becaose they think that this makes they superior but that is not true

  27. I do not like bullies. They have no respect for others. Maybe they hurt others because they have problems with others with self esteem and in their home

    att: Cristina Flores pesantes 5b

  28. Marcelo Armiijos G. - 5to B23 de agosto de 2010, 19:23

    bullies are bad because it make others feel bad , I think bullies is think that you are superior than the othres but no one is more than the others.

    Name:Marcelo Armijos 5B

  29. I think that bullies are persons that envy others,
    also their parents don't stay at home with them and they have no limits.
    I think that they want to hurt others because their parents make them feel bad by shouting them all the time and not demonstrating a lot of love to them.

  30. Fiorella Freire G,24 de agosto de 2010, 16:07

    Bullies are people that do not receive love. They don't have enough attention from their parents.
    They have seen that kind of aggresive behaviour at home and they usually imitate it.

    I think that they are people who want to hurt others as they are hurt too.

  31. bullies are bad things that kids with psicological problems do, because they feel good hurting other kids feelings. I think they do that because they need more attention or because somebody does the same thing to them at home, probbably a big brother or cousin or even their parents, and they think that is a normal behavior.

  32. i think that bullies are mean with other people and they want to hurt other because they have problems in their live

  33. My opinion is that teasing and bulling is not right because you have to put in place the other person.
    Surely you don'tlike and don't feel good.
    I belive they to hurt others because they aren't happy with themselves.

  34. I think that is incorrect to tease other people too much and also I think that they want to hurt, to punish them because they think that doing that they would be the Most Popular (the best) but the result of that is that nobody is with them, nobody speak with them.

    Alejandra Castaño T. 7º AIR A.

  35. What is your opinion about bullies? Why do you think they want to hurt others?
    Well, I think it is bad becuse you hurt other people rejecting them making them feel isolated.
    And I think they want to hurt others because in some way they want call the attention trying to be popular gaining fame by hurting others feelings and personality.
    Kenneth Rodriguez Cevallos 7TH Air

  36. What is your opinion about bullies? Why do you think they want to hurt others?
    Well, I think it is bad becuse you hurt other people rejecting them making them feel isolated.
    And I think they want to hurt others because in some way they want call the attention trying to be popular gaining fame by hurting others feelings and personality.
    Kenneth Rodriguez Cevallos 7TH Air


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