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jueves, 7 de junio de 2012


Father´s Day is just around the corner. I guess you are getting ready to surprise your Dad with a card or maybe you wrote him a poem. On special dates like Father´s Day, we have a nice feeling in our heart and we want to express them in many different ways. But if someone who has never had a father asked you to describe fathers, not your father ...... all fathers. What would you say? How would you describe them? We would love to read your own definition of a father.


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  1. maria sol falquez7 de junio de 2012, 10:18

    1.-I would say that they are incredible and are funny.
    2.-I would describe them by they are good, funny, and important.
    3.- a father is a person that loves you.

  2. the father is the one who love you and give you your studies for school and university. is the one who alwais is going to help you in good or bad things, he will alwais lean you. we can give him only one day in the year to say him thanks and to prove him that his work wasn´t for nothing.

    valeria galván air2

  3. Fathers are very special for children. Fathers help you when you don't know what to do. They can help you to solve your problems and give you very good tips for your life.
    Everyone needs a father in life!!

  4. Byron Alvarez 7 air 17 de junio de 2012, 14:13

    I will describe a father like a person that loves his son and is always looking for the good of his family.

  5. my father is angry some times but i like have father us fun,annoyingand makes me ashamed sometimes but I love all woods.

    giancarlo alvarado penilla

  6. Valeria Barrera Kang7 de junio de 2012, 14:36

    A father is a special person in a kid´s life. He is the one that (with a mother)raises a child and teaches him a lot of important things for life.

  7. Ariel garay pazmiño7 de junio de 2012, 14:55

    Father:I think fathers are people that love you,take care of you,they buy food for you to eat,the care you in the hospital when you are sick and they love to be with you.I think that this is a definition of father.

    He is one of the most important people that influent in my life. He is one of the people who gives me a support when i want to give up.A father is someone that is there for his children.He watches and participates in their lives.A father helps them grow up.

    Giomara Moreira Velastegui
    7 air 2

  9. Diego Santos

    A father is your most reliable person because you reveal all your secrets and your problems. When its a secret for example, a friend tell you a secret that you know it is wrong and you not tell anyone because you hurt your friend and friendship between the two is what I can tell my dad because he always will have a answer to that. When such a problem it changes your body parts you say wath is happening to me and you only need to use your dad because that is intimate and as I said your dad will always have the answer for ALL!

    If you ask me, I think that it is something difficult to describe, but I will tread to explain. If you search it in diccionary it would said the a father is a male person that give live to a child. But I will said that he is more than that, for me he is a person that takes care of you, that loves you and supports you no matter what. A father is sometimeshard with you and punishes you, but not because is bad, is because he loves you and want you to be a better person in the future. For me father is a synonym of love.

    Paula Larrea E.
    7 "Air 2"

  11. Belen Dominguez 7A/AIR17 de junio de 2012, 16:08

    A father is a person that take care of us and give us love.He is always with us,in good times and bad times.He will always give you help.

    Belen Dominguez
    7 A/AIR1

  12. I would say to my father this:"Thank you Father, because you protect me, you help me in my best and worst moments, you motivate me, when I lost,etc.You know that you love me and I love you, becuase you are my father that help me in my difficult discussions, when I have problems with something and when I fight with my brother and always you say to me:"You must respect your brother", because my brother is my best friend that he is in my life, he help me and I help him. A father is a person that he is in your life, becuase he help you, the company that your father do when you are lose, sleep, scare and many other things, for that reason your father needs respect in his special day, becuase in father's day it is a important day to our fathers and to say their thanks for your company our fathers.

    By:Sebastián Moreno Gómez

  13. Eileen Mak 7 C air 17 de junio de 2012, 16:48

    A father is a person who loves you and takes care of you, someone who might be harsh but it does it for love. I would describe them by saying they protect you, because they love you and want the best for you, they want you to be safe.

    Eileen Mak 7c air 1

  14. it's the head of the family,the father is a very important person who take care home and their children.
    they teach how can fix some differents things like air conditioners, gasoline machines.
    that is the reason that fathers are adorables

    Cristhian Zeas 7/6/12

  15. A father is a person that gives you love,affection and he will be all your life with you.

    Melanie Villamar Air 1.

  16. I will describe Fathers like just a simple word with a big definition the word that describe them for me is LOVE. Fathers always give us love and they are always there for us they help us with everything they can , They Teach us new thing and also give us Love


  17. Marcelo Armijos García7 de junio de 2012, 18:22

    I will say that a father is someone that always help you when you have problems and also a person that makes you company. I will describe him like a person that is always there for you, that never fails you and that help you in your more difficult moments.

    Marcelo Armijos G.
    7 AIR 1

  18. Sebastian Wiesner7 de junio de 2012, 18:27

    A father for me is a important person of our live because our father give us to eat because the father work to mantain the family and the father cares and love us.We can never forget and stop loving he.

    Sebastian Wiesner from 7th Air 1

  19. What would you say?
    Well I will say that fathers are the best human people in the world. Fathers are the man who can help you always in a bad or good situation.

    How would you describe them?
    I will describe fathers in this way....... They are very nice,cool,wonderful,is your best friend that you could ever have.

  20. They are lovely and good people due to the fact that they would do everything for us to be save and to have the best education possible.

    In conclusion, a father can be considered a role model and someone who will always be there to support you.

  21. A father is the person that will always be there for you. A father is the person that will always support you, no matter what. A father is the person that even when you're in a bad mood, will make you laugh and recover your smile again. A father is: loving, caring, tolerant, etc. There are lots of adjectives for fathers, since they are great people. Fathers are one of the most important people on our lives.

  22. A father is a person that love you and is important in your life.Sometimes it is angry,but we have to remenber that it continue loving you,no matter what can happen. So we have to take advantage the time we spend with our parents.I am exprecing how I love my father.

  23. A father is someone that help, love and care about his family. He works so hard for us and he protect us. His name is Antonio Menendez and he loves to sleep. When he is mad he yells a lot. He loves to watch Discovery Channel and he also love animals and the jungle. He loves to make jokes and he always tell us his stories about his childhood. I love my father.

  24. Enrique moran villamar 6th air 19 de junio de 2012, 8:02

    1.What would you say?
    I would say that fathers are part of our live.

    2.How would you describe them?
    I would describe the father as a person who loves his family regardless of what happens.

    3.We would love to read your own definition of a father.
    The father is a person that supports his family.

  25. A father for me represents a person that receives from our Creator the charge to be our friend, our help and our support.
    Think about a father is to recognize that exists on the world a point of consolation, a door of hope and a road of salvation.
    Our father is and always will be a help in difficult times, a helping hand to save you from danger and a heart that teaches you to love.
    All these virtues in a person only can be product for a blessing from God.

  26. A father is the best friend thad you have and the person that helps you to become brave, is the once that create you that is a father from me}
    David Aparici

  27. Who is my father?
    The male gender was blessed to become the head of a group of people called the “family”. The father through his life time will teach every member how to love and care for each member within the family.
    He will give his love and life at all times for his family by showing support trough his feeling and actions.
    My father is funny person and very smart. He solves very difficult problems as ” arm the lighthouse or beacon” I remember that experience with my father in which I damaged the only lighthouse that we had it and we had to buy a new one. Finally, we hold in place all the pieces of the lighthouse. In that moment I understood how smart would be my father that is the reason that I love him, he is special for me.
    The most important reason that my father is adorable is because my father rises early to prepare me the breakfast.
    The father figure is the authority power he generates emotions towards his love ones. The role of a father is to protect at all cause the well being of every member within his family. His love and care is everlasting.

    Cristhian Zeas

  28. A father is a person that constant in your life,he is always with you, even when he is not to be seen. He has been the rock that you depend on. He is solid. He is strong.He is like your best friend.

    AMBAR UBIDIA 7air 2

  29. What is a father ?

    A father is the person that is my best friend.He gave me the life. He does everything to protect me. My father helps me to reach my goals and corrects me with love when I make a mistake. He takes care of me and helps me with my problems.

    My father is very funny and cooks me my favorite food. I love him so much and I want to be with him every time.

    Isabella Rodríguez 6th Air 1.

  30. For me, fathers are the most important member of the family.A father should be present any single day of their children´s life;should advise them, caress them and teach them good things about life.

    Maybe not all fathers live with their children but,the ones that do not have it must know they´ll have God always as a father to keep them safe.

    Fiorella Freire
    7th Air 1

  31. I think that a father is the person that loves you and works hard to make you happy.
    Natalia Córdova

  32. I would said that a father is a person that take cares of you,love you and work hard to make you happy.
    I would describe that a father is a good person.
    And a father is all what i said you and more
    Valeria Córdova air 1

  33. 1.-I would say that the father they are the best person in the world, are like the candles they make daylight out of darkness.A father is someone who is concerned with every thing we do.

    2,-I describe the Father like a person that always is going to fight until there children and they are with you in the good and bad times. Father is that person that always guide you to the right road,and when you stumble, would always going to give you the hand and give me all the love.


    Farid Bardellini

  34. Ana Cristina Perez10 de junio de 2012, 21:09

    I would tell this person that fathers are the greatest people on earth. Fathers are always there when you need them. They care about their children, trying to satisfy all their needs. Fathers work hard to provide the food we eat and the clothes we wear everyday. When their children get sick, they don´t hesitate to spend time by their side, giving them the medicine the doctor just ordered.
    Fathers also want the best for their children, giving them good advices and telling them how to behave in every situation.
    I would also tell that fathers are like heroes for their children, because they can do everything that looks imposible. They are strong and can always solve any problem.
    Fathers are just great.......specially mine!!!!!
    Ana Cristina Perez 7 air 1

  35. Eduarda Dávalos

    -What is a father ?
    For me a father is, one of the most important person in a life of a child.He makes you brave and drives you to make new things .

  36. Cristina Flores Pesantes 7 air 111 de junio de 2012, 11:02

    I would say that a father is one of the most important person in your life ,that take care of you and love you .I can describe a father
    like:Lovely,kind,awesome,funny,beautifull and proud of his sons. I also think that some fathers demonstrate more their love to their sons ,but others don´t.But all the fathers love theirs sons and take care of them.
    att Cristina Flores Pesantes 7 air 1

  37. A father for me is a very special person in my life.They protect us from dangers.They play with us when we are alone and they take care of us.They love us and we love our fathers.
    ATT:Dayana Aguilera 6 Air 2.

  38. For me a father is a person who takes care of you, who loves you, who respects you and protecs you. If the love of a father is missing, you feel incomplete.

  39. Salma Salas 7 air 2
    A father is a person that takes care of you.He work to give you many things like food and a school . He knows when something bad is happening .He always protect us .He tell us to be honest with everybody in the house and in the school .He give good advices .He help us with our problems .Your father is like your best friend because you can always count on him.

  40. Ivan Pico

    1.I would say that all the fathers always give love and take care of you and they will always love you.

    2.They are loyal,friendship and lovely.

  41. Ciarelle Velarde V.14 de junio de 2012, 10:25

    A father for me is the person that takes care of you , that loves you , he will always be with you no matter what happen he will always be at your side and a father is the person that teach you to be a better person in life.

    Name: Ciarelle Velarde V.

  42. A father is a person that teach you values and things, and takes care of the sons.
    A very important thing that a father must have is responsibility for the home. So lets give it a applause for all this fathers.
    Gabriel Sanchez 7A

  43. DAD,
    When i was born,
    You were there to catch me when i fall, whenever and wherever.
    When i said my first words,
    You were there for me,
    to teach me the whole dictionary if need be.
    When i took my first steps,
    You were there to encourage me on.
    When i had my first day at school,
    you were there to give me advice and help me with my homework.
    I still havent finished school,
    or walked down the aisle, or had my first child.
    But i know you will be there for me through all these times and more, the good and bad.
    So i just wrote this to say 'I LOVE YOU DAD!!!
    Doménica Guzman

  44. Camila Egas AIR 2
    1. I would say that a father always going to love his daughter or son no matter what.
    2. I would describe he like a amazing and lovely person.
    3. A father is a person that is going to take care of you.


  45. I think that a Father is an extension of God´s love in your life, he is always supporting you in goods and bad momentes of you life. Some times is the only one with the responsability of provide to the family all its needs, but the pincipal role of a Father is to love and take care of his children and wife. For me a Father is the family´s leader.
    I´m a very lucky girl because I have a wonderful lovely father.

    1. What would you say?
    I would say that is the best father of all the world, my father never change with anything because is the person that I love very much. My father always play wii and he listens music in YOUTUBE with me.
    It´s beautiful to has a father that always is with you.
    That´s the reation that I LOVE MY FATHER.

    2.How would you describe them?
    I would describe my father as my best friend in the world. He is the best worker,he is the chief in her work, is a man happy, friendly, is good friend, is a person that love to dance, he love to see basketball, tennis and futbol. He is Barcelonista. He sometime play basketball.
    He is my father.
    I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Daniela Jara 6 "AIR 1".

  47. A father is person that is with you in good moments and bad moments. Is a good person take care of his sons, his wife, his parents(if they are very old).
    A father is a person with a lot of love.

    Rodrigo Baquerizo 7B Air 2

  48. A father is the person that loves us in the way we are. He takes care of us and helps my mom. He teaches us many things like swimming, playing and sports. My dad is very strong and is a great marathon runner, he is an example for my brothers and I. He has more patience than my mom, I love him very much!!!!

    Maria Emilia Baquerizo – 6to Air 2

  49. Maria Emilia Guzmán Garcia14 de junio de 2012, 18:07

    A father is important in your life, always with you. He maybe your hero. His compliments are honest, never bestowed without truth.
    You feel his protection. He is called by many names Father, Papi, Dad, Daddy, each spoken with love and respect.
    He is my Father.

  50. Pablo.A.Candel Martinez

    In my opinion a father is a friend that embarasses you

    sometimes, But they will do anything so you´ll be hap_

    py.He would take his food off his mouth if you´re h_

    ungry even if you say you prefer him having it.

    You would talk to him about your problems , emotions

    and crazy ideas and he would just listen even if yo_

    ur problems are very insignificant and he has real

    life problems maybe financiary , health , etc...

    He is a true friend so you should think before you

    and i quote: ¨I hate you¨or ¨Go away¨. Cause somed_

    ay you¨ll go trough the same.

    And in my case my parents were divorced... better s_

    aid ARE, And i didnt had a present father you could

    ask anyone in my school NO ONE exceot hatus,carlos,

    and juan jose know him. But i am good cause i have

    my Grandfather that had been here for me.

    Pablo.A.Candel Martinez
    7th Air 1

  51. For me a father is who works hard for his famyly ,helps you when you are down. He tries to make you the happiest person in the world.


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