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viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012



Do you agree with the message? Explain your answer.

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  1. Yes, because you can have many disabilities but if you have a good attitude you can get all that you want in life.

  2. I agree with the message because a person can do anything in life even if you don't have legs or arms or if you have any disability.

  3. Camila Hallón 7b
    I do agree with the message because if you have a bad attitude you will not accept new ideas and challenges. You will be closed-minded and it will not help you to achieve your goals.

  4. Yes, because all things are posible in life if you want to do it, like in the picture, the man and the girl are running and they don't have legs.

    Marcelo Armijos
    7°air 1

  5. Yes, because if you want something, you can get it because all is posible.
    ATT: Esteban González

  6. Yes, I agree because a bad attitude is a disability in live,that can´t help you too try things but with a good and correct attitude things can turn impossible things in to possible things.

    María Emilia Fierro 7 Air 1

  7. Daniela Pinzón Leal 7th basic AIR 120 de noviembre de 2012, 7:55

    Do you agree with the message? Explain your answer.

    I´m agree because everyone is able to do every thing
    with effort, tolerance and a very great attitude.



  8. Yes, I agree because if you have a good attitude you will always achieve your goals even you don't have the necessary things to do it.


  9. Paco Cucalón
    Yes I agree because if you have a bad attitude to do something, you would not be able to do it right.

  10. Name: Ciarelle Velarde Vásquez
    AIR 1

    Yes , I agree with the message because sometimes people have a bad attitude and they are bad with their children , wife and friends and that is a big problem because your family is the most important thing in your life and your friends too.So never have a bad attitude.

  11. Cristina Flores Pesantes20 de noviembre de 2012, 7:57

    I agree with this quote, because it is true. And I think people may have an external disability but nobody has an internal disability.So anyway we can do whatever that we propose.

    Att Cristina Flores 7 AIR 1

  12. I agree with the message because everything is possible if you are strong and secure of your self. It doesn´t matter if you have a disability, you will do it if you are persistent.

    Melanie Villamar. 7 Air 1. 20/11/2012.

  13. Yes I agree, because everything bad that happens; like thieves, are because of humans´ bad attitude.
    If we would not have this attitude there would not be people that forget about others and everyone would have a friend that can help them in every situation.

    Ana Cristina Pérez 7B

  14. I agree. Because if we get a better attitude, like not getting angry with simple things and having more patience, many of our problems, or disabilities, will be solved in a positive way.

    Fiorella Freire
    7th AIR 1

  15. I agree with the message because everything is possible if you want to do it. But if you have a bad attitude in everything you will never win what you want.

    Eileen Mak 7C

  16. Eduarda Dávalos 7 air1

    Yes i agree.Because for me that is completely true as there are so many people in the world that have some kind of disability whether mental or physical and move on;while there are healthy people who complain and have a bad attitude.

  17. Yes I agree because with a little bit of effort, tolerance and forbearance you can support every problem you have it could be mental or phsycal.

    Juan Andres Mata
    7 Air 1


    Yes, I agree because everything is possible with perseverance .My motto is similar:¨if you want, you can ¨ this means that everything has a solution. If you want to do something there´s always a way to do it , but if there is someone with a bad attitude there´s no solution because he is not persistent.

  19. David Delgado 7 air 120 de noviembre de 2012, 8:00

    I agree with this quote, because there´s nothing that can stop you, if you´re perseverant nothing can stop you from your dreams if you keep on trying you can make anything you want, you just need a good attitude

  20. I agree with this quote because it is true, also because if you propose to get something you will get it if you are persistent. Some people that don´t have problems in their body are not persistent, but other people like in the picture want to get their goal.

  21. Sebastián Wiesner Air 120 de noviembre de 2012, 8:01

    I agree, because having a bad attitude is bad for life because if you are handicapped you dont have to be in a bad attitude you have to be happy about what you are and if you are in a good attitude you can have a better life.
    Sebastián Wiesner Air 1

  22. Sebastian Martin Falconi. Yes I agree with the message. Because disability is only a problem but it wont kill, it is sad to don't have a complete body but if you have a good attitude you can let that in the past . Perseverance is vital.It is right that the only disability in the life is bad attitude and to back down in everything you will do. People with disability are not different from us the only thing is that they don't have a leg or an arm maybe they can not walk , talk , hear , smile , etc but the only disability is bad attitude.

  23. I agree because you can do anything you want but if you have bad attitude you will not succeed. You can be the best doing something and have all that you need,but if you dont have will power you´ll do it wrong.

    Alejandro Robles air 1

  24. Pablo.A.Candel Martinez20 de noviembre de 2012, 8:03

    I totally agree,all people should think the way this ones do... cause they are inspiring people, you see the spark in the eyes of that little girl, the shining and beauty in the sickness, that's why i just feel amazed by this people.

    Pablo.A.Candel Martinez

    7th Air 1

  25. You are right my dear kids, a bad attitude is the worst disability.


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