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viernes, 14 de junio de 2013


Dear children,
   Next week you will take I partial evaluations which is your first formal challenge. Is it easy for you to succeed and get good results in evaluations? Do you find it too difficult? We would love to hear your experiences, but also to think and write about tips that would help you or your friends get good results.


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  1. I would study a lot, maybe alone or with a family member or a friend, also I can ask for a teacher to help me, I would study also class by class to get ready but the most important thing is to memories what we learn in class everyday.

  2. Valeria Toasa 7 Air 118 de junio de 2013, 17:46

    1.-We need to have all the material organize to do a good job.
    2.-We need to study class by class.
    3.-Study all the contents to have a good grade.
    4.-We need to have all our notebooks update.
    5.-We also need to pay attention to all the classes.

  3. Well,I don´t feel nervous at all. I payed attention to classes, I studied and I have nothing to worry about .But some tips are: review when you get to school, do not talk about gossip, study. Another tip would be to make some friend test you, because it will help you to know what to rehearse. But the most important thing is that your are confident of what you studied. I am cool with the evaluations.

  4. I think tips are very helpful for many people. Most of them are used to get ready for evaluations. When you are in class one tip you can do every time is to pay attention and also you can study class by class. In house it is very important to practice English and to speak it all the time. You also prepare yourself by doing your homework. Finally you make a test of everything you practiced and learned.


    This year is going to be more difficult to get a ten in partials. This year stories are longer.If you want to have good notes and you want to be the best I will tellyou this tips:

    -You need to be concentrate when you are studying.
    -Read two times the quenstions that you don't know.
    -Re-read the review.
    -Tell to God to help you.
    - To don't be nervious becausethat is bad and you can't remember somethings.

    This tips would have good results.

    Rafael Tomalá

    7th Air 1

  6. 1: Study the contents.
    2: Pay attention in the review of the evaluations.
    3: See review-videos of the theme.
    4: Ask teachers the things that you don't understand, because that can be in the evaluation.
    5: Practice doing an "false evaluation" of the theme.
    6: This is only a discovery that can be usefull. Chewing gum increases up the concentration to 110%, reduce the strees and remove the foward.

    Jose Bohorquez

  7. The types that I recommend to get ready for parcial evaluation are:
    1. Pay and Listen with attention to the class .
    2. Takes notes in the notebook of all the things that the teacher says.
    3. Revised other lessons that you had done .
    4. Highlight on the books what the teachers says.
    5. Review all the classes in your house.

  8. camila pluas AIR 2 have to pay atention on class it help you a lot. class by class. all the things that you learn on class. the time of evaluaton you will study but easy because you study class by class and if you do that it will help you on time to study.

    5. practice all that you lear on exercises and you are ready to do the evaluation.

  9. MARÍA SOL FALQUEZ AROSEMENA19 de junio de 2013, 15:59

    1. Study the things that the teacher says.
    2. Pay attention in class specially in the reviews.
    3. Take the books that you need to study to yoour house.
    4. If you don´t know something ask your teacher to explain it.
    5. If you want to recall or are too low in someting stay in reforce class.

  10. I think that my 5 tips for the partials are: class on class. concentrate.
    3.make questions to the teacher if you don´t know something.
    4.heard all the class.
    5.check the exam if it is correct every time you can

  11. Hi , how are you?
    Well, I am going to give you some tips to get ready for evaluations, these are:

    1.- Make a summary about all the Subject you have studied.Only the most important information has to be here
    2.- Read carefully at least 3 times this information.
    3.- Ask to your parents that they make to you a lot of questions about the subject you are studying.
    4.- If you have some doubts or something is not clear is the time to ask. After will be late.Read one more time, and make to you questions.
    Check if all the information of the summary you know. Remember you have an evaluation , and you have to give the best .
    5.- Say a prayer to the Lord and he will help you a lot and you will be the best student.

    This is my personal opinion , and with me it´s ok. You can try if you want, you will see it´s awesome!

  12. Leonardo Narváez Jara19 de junio de 2013, 16:58

    Tips for evaluations
    I study from the book all the subject. Then, I do a brief with the main ideas. Then, I write and repeat the words that I don't understand 3 o 4 times and I make me questions about that I studied. Also, I always check my notes in my notebook and folder, because teacher said important things in the class and many times it isn't in the book
    Finally, my mother takes me the lesson

  13. William David Cortez Vallejo19 de junio de 2013, 17:17

    I need to be concentrated in the evaluation and to be concentrated to study.

    Bring all the important material for the evaluation.

    Supporting or revising videos in the tutorial of the platform of Logos.

    Having anschedule of activities for the time.

  14. Jose Manuel Rosero19 de junio de 2013, 17:21

    study,understand what you study,make like a little lesson to know if you relly study and prepare that you have done

  15. I think that 5 tips that you can have to get ready to the evaluations are study very hard to the evaluations think that you can do check two times the text,pay attention to the class and do your homework.



    1. You have to do a review to have a clue of how is gonna be the evaluation.

    2. You have to study the contents of the review.

    3. Make sure that you learned all what you have to study.


  17. First you have to bring all your materials,
    second you have to study all the classes
    third you have to sleep early
    fourth the next day you have to eat a good breakfast
    fifth you have to read carefully all the questions and answer it the best you can

  18. first you have to study all.
    second we have to bring our material.
    third we have to wake up with a lot of energy.
    fourth we have to be focused.
    fifth we have to do the evaluation carefully.

  19. My five tips to get ready for evaluations
    1.Paint atencion to teacher´s explanation.
    2.Bring all the material that you need.
    3.When you get home,eat and rest then early in the afternoon start to study.
    4.Before you get sleep make a quick review.
    5.When you wake up ask God to help you remember all you have learned.
    Andres Solorzano Calvache

  20. Juan Carlos Romero Bello20 de junio de 2013, 18:51

    Tips to get ready for evaluations are

    1.No share materials in the evaluation.
    2.Don´t copy the evaluation of your partner.
    3.Read carefully the questions.
    4.No say the answers to all the class or to your friend
    5.Practice class b class

    By:Juan Carlos Romero Bello
    AIR 2

  21. Thanks for your comments. Each one of you has different tips, but there´s no doubt that revising the contents as well as bringing the material you need and staying focus will be of great help.


Hearing from you is great. Thanks a lot!