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lunes, 27 de junio de 2011


First term is coming to an end, we are ready to start I Term Evaluations. You have faced new challenges, you have met new people and you have learned new things. How about sharing your experiences during this I term with us? We would love to hear from you. Please answer the question below......and don´t forget revising before submitting your comment.


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  1. The best experience I had is knowing new classmates, because is more fun to play together than alone.

  2. yes , i haved a good term with all my friends in the english class and is exiting to learn more about the stories and the authors .

  3. Even though I´ve come late and I have to catch up, I`m still glad I came here and I just hope to get good grades and to be one of the best. That would be my best experience.

  4. My best experience that I had during this term was when I play the bass in father`s day with the school band.

  5. I think this year will be the best of all, because I will learn new things.I also think my new friends are very nice.

    Ana Cristina Pérez Reyes.6 air

  6. Fiorella Freire Galarza29 de junio de 2011, 15:35

    The best experience I have had at school during this term has been MY NEW Friends.

    It has been amazing to know new guys from other schools, my new classmates, and of course, to meet my old friends it´s always a great experience.

    Of course it is great to learn so many new things in Spanish and English as well.

    I think this is going to be an excelent year for me and my 6th grade partners.

    A year full of joy and knowledgement. It´s great to be at Logos Academy.

  7. Antonella Arcos 7Air29 de junio de 2011, 16:27

    The best experience for me was to be the host of Logos Show Time, because I had a lot of fun and also because I make new friends with the students form the other schools. I really enjoy that show!

  8. ana pamela villacres mite29 de junio de 2011, 17:07

    I love english because I meet with my friends, I learned many things, sometimes I have fun, my teachers are great because they help us when we don,t undestand something and also I have mamy experiences like working in groups.

    ana Pamela Villacres mite

  9. My mest experience I had during this term was in the IX Intercholastic Logos Show time because,I was one of the participants! Either we lose it was the best experience I had during this term!
    Anita Rodriguez 7mo B AIR

  10. I love to go to english class because I meet with my friends that aren't with me in my grade. Until today I had learned many things about authors and their stories. My teacher makes us understand better the stories making facial expressions. When I go to the class I like to talk about my experiences. My classmates are funny and that makes me enjoy a lot. However, sometimes I don't like english.

  11. This term I have had many experiences like getting good grades, improve in soccer, making new friends, make new materials.

  12. My best experience for this year is the new plataform so we can do our homeworks through it. Is easier for me and I can learn more about the using of computers and of course of the subject.

  13. Sebastian Martin Falconi30 de junio de 2011, 11:30

    My best experience in the school in this term was the children’s day and when we met all of our new friends and teachers at the first day. I also like the English class because I always meet with my friends of other grades.

  14. I think that the first term is always the best because you meet new friends and new teachers too. My old partners and I talked about our vacations and we remember the amazing things that we did last year. We did a Creative´s project, we enjoy a lot representing the rolls of the story that we created.

    In this first term I learned new things that will help me to the rest of the year. I know if we propose to do something we will do it!!

    att Cristina Flores Pesantes

  15. The best experience I have had is meeting new teachers and new friends.
    I have shared more with my friends.
    This term has been a little hard for me but I have had very fun.

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