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sábado, 9 de julio de 2011


    "You are a pearl that arose, from the largest and most undiscovered sea and hearing the music of is mumurring, you transformed into a garden,sovereign in His determination, our god created a gardenof your beauties Guayaquil, Guayaquil of my dreams.."
    Julio Jaramillo "Guayaquil de mis amores"
    On July 25th. we will celebrate Guayaquil´s Anniversary. Guayaquil was founded by Francisco de Orellana where Santa Ana Hill is located. It was named after a Guayaquil Indigenous Chief called Guayas and his wife, Quil. They fought against the Incas and the Spanish conquerors and at the end decided to die before surrendering themselves to the Spaniards.
    Guayaquil is a city full of history, but we would like you to find out some information about our beloved city and answer the questions below.
    What touristic places are located by Santa Ana Hill? Which one would you recommend a tourist to visit and why?

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  1. In Santa Ana Hill there are many touristic places for example in the middle of the hill there are located the canons that were used to defend us from the pirates,also we have the Santa Ana church that is at the top of the hill, next to this we can find a huge lighthouse where you can admire our beautiful Guayas river.
    If a visitor comes to Guayaquil I would recommend his/her MALECON 2000 because it has many interesting places where you can have fun and great emotions. Belen Dominguez 6A

  2. Gabriel Sánchez Barreiro11 de julio de 2011, 6:58

    In Santa Ana Hill is a showplace of the city. There are atractions: The Plaza Mirador El Fortin, the Lighthouse, Square Honors, Museum "The Fortress of Santa Ana", Monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus".
    Y recommend visit the Lighthouse because has a large symbolic connotation, as Guayaquil has been in many respects, light and guide of Ecuador, has an internal staircase from which you access to a terrace, a strategic point to see the city.

  3. Maria Eduarda Davalos11 de julio de 2011, 7:39


    -The malecon 2000
    - Las Peñas neigborhood
    -The lighthause wich is on the top of Las Peñas .


    I would recommend to vist Las Peñas neigborhood because during the climb to visit the lighthause we can see beatiful tradicional hauses and beatiful sites were sale handcrafts and tradicional Guayaquil 's food .
    Maria Eduarda Dvalos 6 air

  4. maria emilia tazan11 de julio de 2011, 8:29

    In the Santa Ana's Hill we can find many touristics places, at the top of this hill is the church. Since this place you can see all the city.
    Also we can find bars, coffe shop, restaurants where people can enjoy and have fun.
    To celebrete de independece they made an exhibition of painting.
    If i were a tour guide i will carry my tourist too Malecón 2000 because it has a lot of beautiful gardens, parks and you can walk along the Guayas river.
    maria emilia tazan 7mo air

  5. In Santa Ana Hill there are a lot of beautiful places for tourist to visit like Peña´s street where Guayaquil city began, there are located art´s galery with amazings paints,we are trying to keep the streets and houses like they were in the past, in the top of the hill you can appreciate all the city. I would reommend a tourist to visit ´El Malecon 2000` because it has monuments that represent who Guayaquil was formed,it has ´Museo Del Banco Central`and there is always expositions of diferents types, you can appreciate beautiful gardens and it´s also located one of my favorite places of Guayaquil wich is `Palacio De Cristal´where importants events are realized. In conclussion Guayaquil is a beautiful city for tourist to visit. -Camille Gilbert 7mo C

  6. In Santa Ana Hill there are many turistic places.
    To climb the Santa Ana Hill there are about 500 stairs and when you are climbing the stairs there are bars, places to eat, and you can see on the top of the Santa Ana Hill a lighthouse were you can experiment the breeze and the beautiful view. I recomend to go to the IMAX theater, the MAAC museum and the MALECON 2000. Alejandro Robles 6C.

  7. Luis Mario Arroba V. (7mo. Basic Air)11 de julio de 2011, 18:45

    Santa Ana Hill is located in the northeast part of our city, it is next to the Guayas River and “Las Peñas”. There are 456 steps with their own attractive places, and they are:
    •“El Faro” is the strategic port to see the city.
    •“El Fortín de Santa Ana” Museum.
    •“Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Monumental”, located in the highest part of the Santa Ana Hill, and It has the view of the south of our city.

    I will recommend “El Fortín de Santa Ana” Museum, because besides being in contact with the environment, it takes us to the past of our city. Here we find pieces of artillery that were used to fight against pirates. Also, we find sculptures in real size of pirates and parts of boats from those times.
    In this place we can enjoy a great view of “Malecón Simón Bolivar” and have fun with the family and friends at the coffee bar “Puerto Pirata”.

  8. The Hill Santa Ana has many interesting places to visit as The Barrio Las Peñas,there are 444 steps to go to the top of the hill, there you can see our beautiful Rio Guayas, you can dine in the small restaurants, also in the top yo can see very nice views of Guayaquil.
    I would recommend a tourist to visit The Barrio Las Peñas because there are many places where you can have many fun and have good moments with friends or your family.
    Daniela Sanchez 7ºA

  9. Thanks kids for your comments. I hope that during this week that you are on vacation, you get the opportunity to visit some of the places you wrote about. Enjoy your week and enjoy this month.


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