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jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Having a week off from School

So you had a week off from school and that sounds like fun. Precious time that you were able to use whichever way you liked. But believe it or not,some children miss school and think being away from it is not fun at all. What about you? Do you consider it is a good idea to have a week off from school after each term? Think about all aspects before answering the question below.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a week off from school afte each term?

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  1. Juan Carlos Andrade Cali 7Air
    I would like to have a week off school because the advantages of that would be: You can sleep all the day, you don´t have homework, you don´t have to study, you can relax all the week and you have a lot time to play, but it also has disadvantages like you would not see your friends and you will not learn anything.

  2. Of course I consider it is a good idea to have a week off from school after each term because I can use it to rest. I will not miss my friends because I can see them all the rest of the year.

  3. Advantages:
    -That you can slep until the hour you want.
    -You have no homework.
    -You don't see your friends.
    -Somethimes you get bored, because of doing the same all week.
    By:Carlos Alvarez. 7mo"B"

  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a week off from school afte each term?

    ADVANTAGES=that you have a week with tor family and visit places



  5. I think having a week off from class is amazing and cool.I miss my friends when i am at home, but it is good to rest.

  6. Thanks for your comments kids! I´m still waiting for some more comments from your classmates to know their point of views. They still have a little more time : )

  7. Luis Mario Arroba Vásquez( 7mo Air )26 de julio de 2011, 19:02

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a week off from school after each term?
    The advantages are that children relax and have fun with their family in the house and outside of it. For examples:
    1. Go to the Malecón 2000 and buy cloth, music discs, play stations discs or also you can play with the control´s boats near the Guayas River.
    2. You also can be part of the crew of the pirate boat, or the party boat.
    3. You can play games board with your family and friends.
    4. You can visit the expositions or tourist places in our city.
    5. You can go and see our entire city to know more of it.

    1. Returning to school as you do with laziness.
    2. Some guys don’t remember the lessons that teachers taught us.

  8. I think it is a good idea because in that week you can relax,play with your family,do things that you cant do when you have homework and school but sometimes you get bored because going everyday to school begin to feel fun so you miss it.

  9. Advantages:
    -You can rest a little after having classes three months!.
    -Something bad is that you don't see your friends and you miss them!!!

  10. I think that having a week off is great because you can rest all you want you don't need to be sad because you don't see you friends because you can invite them to your home.
    Andrea Lopez

  11. You can play video games, sleep late... more than usual. You can call and play with your friends and forget about school for a while. But when you go back to school your tired and lazy, also sometimes we forget what we learned in class.

  12. Alissa Menoscal

    Having a week off from school have many advantages and disadvantages.But I am going to tell you only 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages.One advantage is that we have a litte bit of rest and fun. Also we are free of homeworks. But one disadvantage is that we miss our friends and sometimes we dont remember the last class we did.

  13. The advantages of having a week off are, that you can go to a friend's house without doing homework and work. And the disadvantages are that you can't be with your friends and spend time with them having fun.

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