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viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011


“While Cinderella calls her bird friends who provide her a beautiful outfit, Hansel and Gretel are left alone in the woods. Meanwhile a princess runs to open the door to welcome a nasty frog and a wolf is puffing and huffing to blow one of the pig´s house.”

Does this sound familiar to you? I am sure it does. They are just part of some of the most famous fairy tales.

Reading is a pleasure that cannot be substituted. Not only that it helps you expand vocabulary, improve reasoning skills and gives you something to talk about, but it is also a great pleasure. You can take a book with you anywhere, and you will be magically transported to the most incredible worlds and meet the most amazing creatures.

There are so many classic fairy tales you have probably read such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Emperor´s New Clothes, etc, etc, etc. Which was your favorite? What was it about? Why do you consider it your favorite? We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please answer the question below.


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  1. Jorge Sebastian Martin Falconi3 de octubre de 2011, 13:48

    My favorite fairy tale is Peter Pan . Because he was a child that never grow up.He could fly and defeat captain Garfio.He live in never land with the lost boys.

    My favorite part is when Peter Pan fight with captain Garfio and then an alligator ate the captain.

    Jorge Sebastian Martin Falconi

  2. I like many fairytales, like "The Princess and the Frog". I like them because they teach you important lessons that will later be helpful during life. My favorite part of fairytales is when the protagonist finally defeats the antagonist.
    Camila Hallon

  3. My favorite fairy tale has been The Little Mermaid because I like the sea and this story is magical,for me.My favorite part was when they sang the song "Under the sea".

    Melanie Villamar. 3/10/2011

  4. Ma.Edurada Dávalos
    second term evaluation

    My favorite fairy tale has been Cinderella ,because i think is beatiful and funny, however this is my favorite fairy tale not only for this, also because it give you a wonderful message:You need to be happy in any place and with any person.Also it tells you that being a good person you will always win.

    My favorite part is when the mice make her a dress ,because is very funny to see different kind of handcraft they invented to do it.(Cinderella)

  5. My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella, because I like how do the fairy change the bad things to wonderful things. My favorite part is when the prince dance with Cinderella it is a loving part and I like it.

  6. maria emilia tazan4 de octubre de 2011, 19:31

    The little mermaid,because I love life under the sea, I love stories about mermaids, especially this story, where the beautiful young mermaid gives his voice to the witch in exchange for legs, so she could see realized her dream, to marry with the young prince, it seems very romantic.
    My favorite part is when Prince Erick, by mistake, was going to marry with the witch, and suddenly all the sea animals appear to prevent the wedding.
    Then Ariel arrives and becomes a mermaid in front of everyone.

  7. Paula Moreira 7th Air

    My favorite fairy tale is the ugly duckling, it is my favorite because I think the story has a very nice message wich is that love makes everything beautiful and appearances do not really matter.

  8. Eileen Mak 6 c air5 de octubre de 2011, 14:49

    My favorite tale is The Little Mermaid, because it has a beautiful message and i like mermaid too. My favorite part was when Ariel (the mermaid) got married with the prince.

    Eileen Mak 6 C air

  9. Valeria Barrera 6c air5 de octubre de 2011, 14:55

    My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella, because it is a wonderfull story that has a lot of adventures on it and i like princess. My favorite part is when Cinderella could marry the prince because then they live happy ever after.

  10. My favorite fairy tale is Narnia the last battle, because I like how all characters grow and think in this last book of Narnia. My favorite part is when the last battle for the peace in the realm of Narnia.

  11. Erick Rivas

    when I was little, I used to like Peter Pan the most since it was the only movie that had a fairy in it and not too girly. Not that they all are, but whenever theres a fairy in a movie it's usually more for girls than for boys. I liked Peter Pan because it had some action in ityet it was also funny in some occasions. There wasn't just one movie and there wasn't just one version but if I had to choose I'd say, the end of the movie, when they prevail victorios.

  12. My favorite fairy tale is "The Princess and the Frog",
    I like it because the princess kissed the frog and the princess didn't care about his apperiance,so that is true love and my favorite part was when the frog became a prince.

  13. My favorite fairy tale since I have memory has been " The Mermaid". Because is a fairy tale with fantasy, fun and romance, the mermaids have always calling me attention, even when I was six years old I wanted to be one of them. My favorite part of the movie is when the mermaid, Ariel recovered the voice and spoke with the prince without returning to be a mermaid again, then marry and “Are living forever happy”.
    Camille Gilbert 7c

  14. Antonella Arcos Gavilanes5 de octubre de 2011, 16:41

    My favorite fairy tale is " The princess and the pea". I like it, because when I was younger I acted this wonderful story and I also like it, because it is very weird and funny how the prince's mother prove that the girl was a princess. My favorite part was when the girl married the prince and his mother was happy.

  15. My favorite fantasy story is the Three Little Pigs.
    I chose this story because my mother used to read it to me at night before I went to sleep and I enjoying hearing the stories with their characters that were three little pigs and a wolf.

    I liked this story because the three little pigs are very similar to me; we are all adventurous, playful, mischievous, happy, and very funny.

    My favorite part of this story is when Pablo, the older brother, guesses what the true intentions of the wolf are. He wants to get in his house through the chimney. In that moment he puts a pot of water in the fire so when the wolf goes down through the hole, he burns his tale. It all occurs as planned and the evil wolf goes down directly to the pot of very hot water. The wolf goes away hollering ¡Ah, ah, I burn! While the three little pigs see him go away very happily.

  16. My favorite fairy tale is Hansel and Gretel becuase it refers to how parents love their kids. My favorite part was when Hansel and Gretel found the way home becuase they knew that they will gonna be with their parents again.

    Anita Rodriguez 7mo B AIR

  17. Marco Almeida Nevàrez.5 de octubre de 2011, 17:26

    My favorite fairy tale is the beauty and the beast. I like it because Bella and the beast became friends from the beginning no matters the appearance. My favorite part is when the beast changes into a handsome prince. He looked like beast because many years ago a bad witch threw a spell and transform him into a beast.

  18. My fairly tale is ''Mermaid'' because it is a story that teach you how to imagine and dream. My favorite part is when Ariel, the mermaid, decided to stay as a human instead of returning to be a mermaid because she was in love with a man.

  19. My favorite fairy tale was "Pulgarcito" because it was funny and I think the values in that story were useful in the real life and my favorite part was when Pulgarcito escaped with the boots.

  20. My favorite fairy tale was "The Beauty and the Beast", because this book give me important values like love, respect, kindness and others. I loved the part when the beauty felt in love with the beast and the appearance of the beast was ugly, but the beauty didn´t care about his appearance she only care about his feelings.

  21. I actually think the best one was the one with the frog cause it talks about you don't need a prince that is hand some and when looking for love you shouldn't look for phi sics you should look for what values and kind of person she/he is not for what they own cause the first thing you shall look for is a person that loves you and cares about you or what you feel not a person that is good looking and treats you like you are useless , nothing is more important than that and if you do all the stuff i have just mention your on the right way.

    Pablo.A.Candel Martinez
    6th air/c

  22. My favorite fairy tale is “The three little pigs”. I like it because I have the book and I have read it many times, and it tell that the 2 pigs were lazy and when they made their houses they thought that doing more fast they have more time to play, and they laugh of his brother because he was a working pig because he made his house of concrete and finally they learn a lesson when the wolf came.

    My favorite part is when the wolf falls in the chimney; he burned his tail and finally he escape to the forest and then the pigs constructed the house like his brother and they lived happy forever

  23. My favorite fairy tale is The princess and the pauper. Because is very pretty, adventures and a lot of imagination!
    My favorite part of that movie is when the pauper married the prince and the princess married a beautiful prince. So the princess and the pauper were married and they live happily ever after

  24. My favorite fairy tale is: "Peter Pan". Because it was fun, and it was fun because Peter had many adventures. My favorite part was when peter fought with captain hook.

  25. My favorite tale is Cinderella because there are animals that help Cinderella to defeat her from the stepmother.My favorite part was when the mice help Cinderella to scape pumpkin carriage.
    Name:Belén Dominguez

  26. My favorite fairy tale is Pinocchio, because is the history about a wood child that dreamed to be a real child and he lives adventures when discover himself the values like: love, friendship, respect and so on.
    The message of this tale is that the bad behavior gets us any place, like the lies; and our family and friends always is with us to protect and guide us for the right way.
    My favorite part is when Pinocchio transforms into a real boy and promises to his father Geppetto to be a good boy.
    Paco Cucalon

  27. Marcelo Armijos García 6 Air6 de octubre de 2011, 18:50

    My favorite fairy tale is "Peter Pan". I like it because, it is interesting to see the adventures that Peter had with his friends. My favorite part is when Peter defeat capitan Hook and save the country of the Never Land.

    Marcelo Armijos García
    6B Air

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