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miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011


Thanksgiving is a very important holiday in the United States. It is celebrated the fourth Thursday on November. Family members and friends travel long distances to meet and share a delicious meal and offer thanks to God. Traditionaly, they eat turkey, gravy, crawnberry sauce and pumpkin pie. In Ecuador, celebrating Thanksgiving is not a tradition; However, nowadays many people are starting to do it. Why could that be? Do you think it´s just because we want to get Americanized? Or could there be another reason? We would love to know your opinion about it, so why don´t you answer the questions below.

When was the first Thanksgiving? Why was it celebrated? Do you agree on celebrating this holiday in Ecuador? Why?

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  1. The first Thanksgiving occured in 1621. It was first celebrated by pilgrims and indians. The pilgrims wanted to show their gratitude to the indians because of all their help teaching them. So they made a meal where indians were invited. There was so much food that the meal lasted for three days. Some years later the original pilgrims continued celebrating and they suggested to make a special date for it.
    I think it is good and bad to celebrate it because we should always thank God for everything, but we have to remember that it isn't really our holiday.

    Camila Hallón 6 "B"

  2. Sebastian Martin Falconi19 de noviembre de 2011, 7:03

    Thanksgiving was first celebrated at united states. It is celebrated to offer thanks to God. I agree that in Ecuador people celebrate thanksgiving because all people need to thank God and have family time.

  3. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in the year of 1621.It was celebrated because the Pilgrims wanted to get blessings from God.Yes,I agree on celebrating this holiday in Ecuador because everyone can thank God for his blessings.

  4. Thanksgiving is an important holiday in Canada and United States. Thanksgiving is celebrated each year on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Pilgrims celebrated days of thanksgiving as part of their religion. But these were days of prayer, not days of feasting. The national holiday really stems from the feast held in the autumn of 1621 by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag to celebrate the colony's first harvest. I doesn´t agree about celebrating this especial holiday in Ecuador because we are making all the things they do in America, so that is bad because we are ecuador not USA. WE CAN´T COPY ALL !!! we are a independent country so we do not have to copy.

  5. The first National Thanksgiving day was celebrated in November 26, 1789 in United States. It is celebrated for saying thanks to God for everything He has given us. I don´t agree in celebrating Thanksgiving in Ecuador because it isn´t an Ecuadorian costume. Every country should only celebrate their holidays.
    However, every day we should thank God for everything he has given us.

  6. Luis Mario Arroba Vásquez20 de noviembre de 2011, 14:41

    When was the first thanksgiving?

    The first thanksgiving was celebrated 1621.

    Why was it celebrated?

    Because there was an epidemic when the first Pilgrims came, many of them died in the travel for a epidemic, and the survivors thanked God for restoring their health, eating with the natives of the land

    Do you agree on celebrating this holiday in Ecuador? Why?

    Yes, I agree because we have to join and thank God of our health.

  7. Antonella Arcos Gavilanes22 de noviembre de 2011, 13:20

    The first Thanksgiving was in the autumn of 1621. It was celebrated, because pilgirms wanted to thank God for the harvest of that year and to share it with the native people in USA. I don't agree on celebrating this holiday in Ecuador, because I consider that we should not thank God just one day, I think that we have to thank him for his blessings everyday.

  8. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated on 1863.
    It was celebrated to give thanks to God for guiding them safely to the New World.I think this should be celebrated in Ecuador,because we all have to thank God for the things he gave us.

  9. Cristina Flores Pesantes22 de noviembre de 2011, 15:39

    The first thanksgiving was around november of 1620
    It was celebrated bythe pelegrins and the indigenous to share what they have collected of their crops and to thanks God of his kindness. I think is not a bad idea to celebate Thanksgivng becuse we dont have a special day to thankS God.
    att cristina flores pesantes 6b air

  10. When was the first Thanksgiving?
    The first Thanksgiving was in 1620
    Why was it celebrated?
    It was celebrated because Pilgrims crossed the Antartic Ocean and arrive to Plymouth. There they met the colonies that lived there, they both harvest crops and when the crops were ready the had a party with all the crops and other things they harvest.
    Do you agree on celebrating this holiday in Ecuador? Why?
    No I do not agree because it is a celebration from USA and Canada so why should we celebrate it.

  11. Daniela Pinzón Leal- 6B - AIR22 de noviembre de 2011, 18:56

    1- When was the first Thanksgiving? It was celebrated in the year of 1621. The 3rd of October in 1863, the president Lincoln declared officially nacional day of Thanksgiving the last Thuesday of November.

    2- Why was it celebrated? It is celebrate because one group of pilgrims arrived to U.S.A during winter and the midle of pilgrims died because of the weather so cold and the lack of food and places to stay. The next year the pilgrims pick up their crops and the share food, like a friendship sing to the indigenous and they thanks God celebrating a special day.

    3- Do you agree on celebrating this holiday in Ecuador? Why?
    Yes, I´am agree because it´s doesn´t matter to thanks God of all the food and good thinks that we have all days and shere we our families of friends.

  12. I think Ecuador is celebrating Thanksgiving because we want to get Americanized.

    The first Thanksgiving was in 1621. It was celebrated because Plymouth feast and Thanksgiving was prompted by a good harvest. No, I disagree because this holiday is not from Ecuador.

  13. The first thanksgiving was on the fall of 1621. It was celebrated by 53 surviving pilgrims because of their successful harvest. on the other hand I agree with celebrate thanksgiving here in Ecuador because it is a celebration to thanks god and it is good to do that. You do not need to be from U.S.A for saying thanks to god.

  14. When was the first Thanksgiving? Why was it celebrated? Do you agree on celebrating this holiday in Ecuador? Why?
    1-.In early autumn of 1621
    2-.It was for thanks God for everything good they had throught the year.
    3-.Well I think that Ecuador should celebrate Thanksgiving because it´s good to thank to God for everything good we had through the year.
    Kenneth Rodriguez 7th´b´

  15. Thanks giving was created on the year 1621.It was celebrated because it is a day to give thanks to god.I agree to celebrate it here because we all must thank to god.

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