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jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Holiday Season--comment 1

Hello children! We are sure you are having a great time during this Holiday Season. We know there are lots of family gatherings and exchanging presents is almost a must. These moments become really meaningful and will be part of your memories forever

If you had to share with us the most significant moment you had during this Christmas, what would you say it was? We are looking forward to hearing from you.

37 comentarios:

  1. The most significant time I had this Christmas was when we got together with our friends and families in Christmas.

    Other moment was when we gave Christmas baskets to my soccer teammates with scarcer resources .

  2. Paula Moreira 7th Air.

    For me, the most significant moment this christmas was when we all sat together, prayed and gave thanks for everything we have.

  3. The best moment of my Christmas was when my family
    pray for a good Christmas and then we talk by video chat with my uncle and her family that migrated to U.S.A for a better life.

    Belén Dominguez
    6to A /AIR

  4. I think the most significant moment for me in Christmas didn't had to do with the presents. It had to do with the love and happiness of my family. I believe this was a significant moment because love and happiness are two things that you can't buy.In the other hand, presents are things that won't last long.

  5. Ana Cristina Perez3 de enero de 2012, 15:35

    The most significant moment for me during last Christmas was that I could spend time with my grandparents, specially with my grandmother, who was at the hospital days before that special day.
    I would say that I felt very,very happy, because every Christmas season we celebrate together as a family, so I thank God because my grandmother could join us at home.

    Ana Cristina Perez 6th air

  6. Fiorella Freire G.3 de enero de 2012, 18:03

    The best thing that happened to me these holiday season was to be with my family. Sharing these precious moments while celebrating Lord Jesus birth was significant, because I know there are many families spread and they don´t have the possibility to gather at any special ocassion.
    Presents aren´t important if you are all together.

    Fiorella Freire G.
    6th. Air

    Jan. 3rd. 2012

  7. The best Christmas moment was when we opened our presents and share those beautiful moments. When we ate dinner with family and made a gratitude prayer.

  8. The most remarkable moment of Christmas was to be with all my family including my brother that came from Canada to celebrate with us these holidays that are very important for people, right in front of the Nativity setting that is built in my house with rocks and hay.We gather and sing Christmas carols,share a meal,laugh,talkand have a wonderful time all in union.

  9. During christmas my grandfather was very sick in the hospital so for me the most significant mommnent was that my grandfather stays alive .

  10. The best Christmas i had ever had was on the year 2010 my aunt and my grandmother where sick so they had to go to the united states but they reached to come on christmas so we had a a very nice Christmas that is one of the best Christmas i have ever had.

  11. Our Christmas is amazing because from the beginning of the month we share with our family a religious moment every sunday named Adviento, and not only at home but at school too. The night of Christmas we visit our grandparents home and share with them great moments with prays, songs and giving us each other presents. We also share the dinner eating the special and traditional turkey. I share and play with my cousins and have great special moments.

    Juan Andres Mata

  12. I think it would be when all the family exchange the presents playing the secret friend, and my mother had to give me the gift but I really didn´t know she was my secret friend.I was very surprised

  13. I think it was when we pray to god that is in heaven and we thank a lot about this dinner and all the good things.

  14. Juan Jose Mariño5 de enero de 2012, 12:44

    I will say that during this Christmas I passed with my family. We ate turkey and we open the gifts. The best part was when we began to talk in family of the real meaning of Christmas.

  15. Antonella Arcos Gavilanes5 de enero de 2012, 13:06

    The most significant thing in Christmas for me happend last year. We didn't have presents and we learned an important lesson: having each other is the best present for Christmas.

  16. 1.The most significant moment I had during this Christmas was when my family and I eat together the turkey.

    Valeria Còrdova 6to air

  17. My favorite moment this Christmas was when my whole family was gathered in my house praying to baby Jesus at his birth.

  18. Well, my most significant moment in Christmas was when I went to my grandfather´s house because, I only go there in Christmas and I missed him during the whole year.

    Melanie Villamar 6 Air.

  19. Erick Rivas

    If I had to I would share the best moment it would be New Year's Day, at midnight. I stayed up late and watched fire works, played, saw people burn dummies, it was the best moment of my vacations.

  20. samantha cortazar5 de enero de 2012, 16:39

    It was when all the family began to talk about their year with others and we share a moment together as a family. =)

  21. The most significant for me was having a good time with my parents because we were playing and laughing in Cuenca and light the fireplace in the room.

  22. The best time in this Christmas was that my cousins and I were opening the presents and we all started to play .

  23. I think the most significant moment I had during this Christmas was when all my family got together and lit the candle. We started to say our wishes and thanked God for having us with life another year.

  24. Luis Mario Arroba V.5 de enero de 2012, 18:11

    Luis Mario Arroba V.

    If you had to share with us the most significant

    moment you had during this Christmas, what would you

    say it was? We are looking forward to hearing from


    The best moment was when my family joined together

    and we were playing soccer, basketball and other

    games that we play in groups. That is the best

    moment of my life.

  25. Anita Rodriguez 7mo B AIR6 de enero de 2012, 19:27

    The most significant moment of this Christmas wasnt the presents, was when we had the dinner becuase my family talked about the arrival of Jesus and that we loved each other. Also when some friends of my church invited us to have a dinner at their house. We played, we prayed, and the best of all.... we had a great time with the people who we love the most, our family and friends.

  26. If I had to share with you the most significant moment I had during this Christmas,I would say to you that it was when all my family were sitting together in the living room and started to sang carols.For me it was a really special moment because it was the first time we did that and I could see that brightly smile since the little ones to the oldest ones.
    Camille Gilbert 7c

  27. I really spent a cute and funny Christmas with my cousins​​, my parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents.
    We burn Minnie, Bart and Messi. We told our stories strange, funny and surprising, and we laughed about it.

  28. If you had to share with us the most significant moment you had during this Christmas, what would you say it was? We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Well is a beautiful question, my most significant moment was at 12:00 o´clock in December 24 when we were sitting next to the table ,getting ready for dinner and but before that we read the bible to remember when jesus was born and then we made a circle taking our hands thanking Jesus for being born here in Earth and in our hearts.
    Kennet Rodriguez 7th´´b´´ air

  29. The most important thing that happens to me in Christmas was when I went to my aunt’s house with my family; it was very special for me because being with my family makes me happy.

    My favorite part was when we sung Christmas songs and when I was with my brother playing and also I knew that was that my Christmas gift was a 3DS. My mother bought to me in in internet, my mother made it a surprise for me and lie saying that her friend who supposed to brought my 3DS had sold it. When I knew the notice I was very angry, so angry that I cried. In my last birthday my mom made something similar, so I thought that It could be a trick again, but I lost my hopes and I didn’t knew what I will receive.

    In the morning of Christmas when my parents woke me up to give my present, my mother put the gift in a shoebox and said: “If they don’t fit you, we can change them”. I thought that my gift could be DC shoes and when I opened the box a big surprise, my 3DS was there. I said to my parents: “I love you”.

  30. If I had to share with you a beautiful moment I had during this Christmas is when my family and I were remembering the beautiful moments we had in all the year.
    Daniela Sánchez 7A

  31. Well, My most significant moment I had during this christmas was when all my family begun to sing Christmas carols and I felt that the true message of christmas was in my house.
    David Glas 7 air

  32. Thanks children...It was great to read your comments.

  33. The most significant moment for me was when i got toghethr with my family and when me ,my mom,my sisters and my grandpa went to the street and gave poor kids stuffed animals.

  34. Marcelo Armijos G.9 de enero de 2012, 12:26

    The most beautiful moment during this Christmas waswhen I opened the gifts because my mother and my father gave me a puppy and I wished for it since a long time.

    Marcelo Armijos G.
    6 Basic ´´B``

  35. My mom prepared us a delicious Christmas breakfast with chocolate and bread, then my dad came to pick up us to go to my grandparents' house.
    The most special moment was when I shared time with my dad, my grandparents, my uncles and cousins, and when I opened my gifts.

    I think it was when the people exchange presents ,because it is beautiful when you give a present for a person that cares tu you.

    Antonella Caputi 6to Air

  37. We feel very happy to know how special this Holiday Season was for you. Have a great 2012!


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