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jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

New Year´s Eve....comment 2

New Year´s Eve is celebrated all over the world, but not everybody celebrates it the same way. Click on the link below and read about New Year´s Eve celebrations in different countries.

Now answer the following questions in full.....remember revising what you write: 1.-Which of the countries celebrations impressed you the most? Why? 2.-How do people in our country celebrate New Year´s Eve? 3.-Do you consider New Year´s Eve celebration important? Why?

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  1. 1.-The one of Mexico because they use the colors with different meanings ,they eat sweet bread and like the fireworks.
    2.-We celebrate it with dummies, fireworks,eat and make parties.
    3.-Yes. Because we are celebrating that we end the hole year successfully.We have a new chance to make the things we couldn't do last year.

  2. 1. Brazilbecause they only drink chanpange or things like that and they do not do anything like us exept the fireworks because every contry do it.
    2.we celebrate it being with family, burning dummies and throwing fireworks
    3.yes because you need to celebrate that you are in a new year with new chances and you will be older and it is important to be with family in this time

  3. 1.-Which of the countries celebrations impressed you the most? Why? The one that impressed me the most was new year's eve celebration on the Philippines, because their traditions are not very common.

    2.-How do people in our country celebrate New Year´s Eve? In our country, people usually have family meetings and dinners and in midnight, they all say 'happy new year' to each other. People throw fireworks and burn 'años viejos' too.

    3.-Do you consider New Year´s Eve celebration important? Why? Yes, I consider it important because is the last day of the year and we can thank God for all the good thing that happened to us.

  4. Germany's celebration impressed me the most because they call it Sylvester,they call it like that because a person they adore is named Sylvester and it's day is celebrated the same day as New Year's Eve,they do many things to have good luck such as:touching a chimney sweepper or eating a Marzipan pig.People in our country celebrate it lighting fireworks,eating dinner,burning dummies,being with their families and they wear costumes of widows to repesent that the year has just finished.Yes I consider that New Yea's Eve is important because it represents for me new opportunities that you would have in the next year that is coming soon and also it is a nice way to have memories from the past year and to celebrate it with family and friends.

  5. I like U.S.A new year's eve, because it is fun to go to times sqwuare and count from five to one.

    we in Ecuador celebrate new year's eve by burning toys made by newspaper and wood that represent the old year.

    I think it is important to celeblrate new year's eve because, we say goodbye to old year and hi to the new year

  6. I was impressed by many countries traditions because I think every tradition is special and unique like in Spain, where they eat twelve grapes for each chime and make a wish for each one.
    Here in Ecuador we celebrate by burning the dummies to bring good luck, throwing fireworks to welcome the new year and end the night by celebrating with the family.
    I think New Year's eve is important because we celebrate another year of life.

  7. Ana Cristina Perez3 de enero de 2012, 17:45

    The celebration that impressed me the most was the one at the United States, because they always celebrate in family, usually at formal parties. I love parties!!!!
    In our country people celebrate New Year’s Eve by burning rag dolls of famous characters, people also launch fireworks that explode in the sky.
    I do consider New Year´s Eve an important time to celebrate, because it allows us to join our relatives and friends to remember the good moments we had and to talk about all the good things we expect from the new year.

    Ana Cristina Perez 6th air

  8. 1. The celebration that impressed me the most was Italy, which people throw old or unused things dropping them from their windows. Weird!!!
    2. People in Ecuador have some rituals, such as burn dummies and lit fireworks at 12 am. Then ecuadorians gather together for a special meal with families and friends.
    3. I consider New Year´s Eve celebration important.
    It is important because we say good-bye to all the things (good or bad) the year had brought us and we say hello to the new opportunities of being better in the new one.

    Fiorella Freire Galarza
    6th air.

    Jan. 3rd. 2012

  9. 1 The country that impressed me the most was Japan because I have never heard before the tradition of `JOKA NO KANE´ this tradition is about to ring 108 times the bell. The `JOKA NO KANE´is a very important tradition that means prosperity,joy,love and many other things to the people of Japan.

    2 In Ecuador we celebrate by dinning with our family. Many young men custom their selves with widow clothes and we burn the monigote that represents the year go bye at 12:00.

    3 I think that new year celebration is important because we celebrate the ending of a year and the begining of a new one meaning new blessings and prosperity.

  10. Alissa Menoscal T4 de enero de 2012, 17:36

    The Italian celebration impressed me more because they throw useless items out the window. This is very funny and weird for me. I can`t imagine me and my family throwing old things out the window. The celebration in Italy is very different from the celebration in Ecuador, our country, because here we have a unique tradition: we burn special dolls stuffed with firecrackers that represent the year that is going to end. People think doing this brings good luck and prosperity. I think the most important thing you can do in New Year´s Eve celebration is wish others blessings and good luck. I also think New Year´s Eve celebration in Ecuador can be dangerous. Fireworks contaminate the air and people can get severely injured lighting them up. There have been cases of people that lose their hands, feet or get burned. New Year´s eve is a pretty holiday, but it can turn tragic if you don´t take care of yourself.

  11. The New Year´s celebration that impressed me the most was the celebration of Mexico, because I like the way they burn the bad things that they spend in the current year.
    People in Ecuador buy dummies to burn, representing the last year.
    Yes, because it represents the year that almost finished and we can forget the unhappy things that happened us last year.

  12. Juan Jose Mariño5 de enero de 2012, 13:00

    1. United States because they throw many beautiful fireworks and because the city dropped a large apple in recognition of its nickname as "the Big Apple".

    2. The people in our country celebrate it going around collecting money for buying dummies or any other custom. Burning dummies and throwing fireworks.

    3. Yes, because if we don’t celebrate it we won’t think what we will do during this New Year.

  13. Eileen Mak 6c air5 de enero de 2012, 13:34

    1. The celebration of the countries that impressed me the most is the celebration of Argentina because we eat a delicious food like meat, and there is were I was born.

    2.People in my country celebrate New Year´s Eve by burning things.

    3. I consider very important to celebrate that because we need a day to celebrate New Year´s Eve because is coming a new year with new things.

  14. Valeria Barrera Kang 6c air5 de enero de 2012, 13:49

    1 and 2: The country celebration that impressed me the most is in Ecuador, when they celebrate New year, because they burn all the "años viejos" (they are called like that)that are firures of different characters of different things and they make fireworks. Yes, because it means that God gives us another year together with family and friends.

  15. Marco Almeida Nevàrez.5 de enero de 2012, 13:55

    Which of the countries celebrations impressed you the most? Why?
    1.-Some of the celebrations that more captive me and impacted me are for example, in Mexico they write a letter where are told the sad things that happened for that person in the year and then when are the first minutes of the New Year, they burn the list. I also liked the way of celebration of the people from El Salvador, how they share a New Year, with their families, neighbors and friends, being a country with a economy not so good like the others countries, El Salvador can have and teach the real way of celebrate the New Year, in family.
    How do people in our country celebrate new year`s eve?
    2. - In our country the people all the years burn the “monigotes” exactly at 00:00 of New Year. Other people, dress like widows asking for money.
    Do you consider new year`s eve celebration important? Why?
    Yes, I consider it important, but more than important very necessary because, this season of the year with the Christmas, are dates that permit us to be with family, sharing one year more of life.

  16. 1.- The country that impressed me the most was Europe-Canada because you celebrate with your family and friends and because you go out on the street to dance and make a party.

    2.- In our country we celebrate like this: We have fireworks, we sometimes eat dinner and we are with our family.

    3.-Yes, I consider New Year´s Eve is important because it´s a new year and we have to be happy because we are still alive thanks of God.

    Melanie Villamar 6 Air.

  17. Erick Rivas
    1.-Which of the countries celebrations impressed you the most? Why?

    The one from australia because it surprised me that exactly at midnight tv and radio would play music and everyone would dance in the street.

    2.-How do people in our country celebrate New Year´s Eve?

    They explode dummies and do fireworks at midnight.

    3.-Do you consider New Year´s Eve celebration important? Why?

    Yes, because it informs everyone about the arival of Jesus and gives everyone time off from their jobs.

  18. Now answer the following questions in full.....remember revising what you write:

    1.-Which of the countries celebrations impressed you the most? Why?

    Chinas´ tradition because they have fireworks dragon´s dances and decorated cars.

    2.-How do people in our country celebrate New Year´s Eve?

    In Ecuador celebration people feel happy and at 12:00 pm they hug each other saying ´´Happy new year´´ and they have a dinner and fireworks.

    3.-Do you consider New Year´s Eve celebration important? Why?

    Yes,because is another chance of life that God give us.
    Kenneth Rodriguez
    7th " Air"

  19. Antonella Arcos Gavilanes.5 de enero de 2012, 16:43

    1.-The country that impressed me the most was United States, because they celebrate it making a very big concert and everyone is invited.
    2.-Men in our country dress like "widows" and all the people gather together and lit up fireworks and burn the dummies.
    3.-Yes I do, because it is a very good way to start the year!

  20. The celebration that impressed me most was the celebrration of Italy, because its rituals used to celebrate the night of Saint Sylvester (New Year) are so different and fun, as their traditional meal, a stew of lentils should be eaten by spoon-compass of the 12 bells, which sound at midnight in all the churches of Italy.
    In our country the main tradition that has been passed from generation to generation, is burning at midnight dolls representing the past year, accompanied by fireworks.
    I think the New Year celebration is important because it is shared with family and feel a joy contagious.

  21. 1)The country celebration that impressed me most was Chile because many people get together and celebrate "New Years Eve" and continue dancing with friends ,at 12:00 people eat 12 grapes because they want blessings in each month of the year .
    2)We celebrate "New Years Eve " with our families , looking to fireworks and eating tipical food for that holidays and eating grapes .
    3)I think that it is important to celebrate "New Years Eve " because we have to recieve in a good way , with all the family the New Year .

  22. Canada impressed me the most because I like how they celebrate this holiday with fireworks,late night partying and people drink with their friends until the early hours of January 1. Some men in Ecuador dress as women representing the "widow" of the year that has passed and collect money. Yes,it is important because we are celebrating the last minutes of the year.

  23. Luis Mario Arroba V.5 de enero de 2012, 18:09

    Luis Mario Arroba V.

    1.-Which of the countries celebrations impressed you

    the most? Why?

    France, because they eat some “especial food” that

    is the same that we always eat. For example “foie

    gras”, seafood such as oysters and drinks like

    champagne. The celebration can be a simple, intimate

    dinner with family and friends.

    2.-How do people in our country celebrate New Year

    ´s Eve?

    Family and friends exchange New Year's kisses and

    wishes. The most important is to have a year full of

    happiness, health, love and money. Some people eat

    desserts made of ice cream.

    3.-Do you consider New Year´s Eve celebration

    important? Why?

    Yes, because we forget the bad moments of the year

    and begin the New Year without bad memories.

  24. Juan Carlos Andrade Cali 7C:
    I like Ecuador celebration the most because it is the only country that burns old year dolls that is to leave behind bad moments.
    We celebrate it by: playing with fireworks, eating the twelve grapes and burning old year dolls.
    I consider that it is an important celebration because it is to celebrate that we have one year more of live.

  25. Anita Rodriguez 7mo B AIR6 de enero de 2012, 19:16

    1.-I liked the way people celebrate New Year in Mexico, because I think its a little funny that the bread they eat at dinner should have a coin or charm so when they cut it, the person who got the coin or charm is going to be blessed in this new year. Also because I think that it should be cool to make a list of the bad things that happen in the old year and then throw it to the fire; representing that you are going to be free of that and you want to have better things in this new year.

    2.- In our country,Ecuador, people celebrate New Year by buying dolls that represent the old year. When its midnight of December 31 we burn them so we "left behind" the old year. Also we eat 12 grapes that represent the 12 wishes we want for this new year.

    3.- Yes because we "left behind" the old year and be happy that we are one more year alive with all the blessing that God is going to give us in this new year.

  26. Costa Rica's celebration, because they eat 12 grapes representing 12 wishes for the new year and they also run across the street with luggage wishing for new adventures and trip during the new year. We celebrate it at the midnight when fireworks are lit and thousands of dummies are burned in the street and that represent that the year is just over.Yes, because it represent the start of a new life, a new year with new hopes, dreams and responsabilities and also with the celebration of new year family get together again and have a lot of fun.
    Camille Gilbert 7c

  27. Farid Bardellini8 de enero de 2012, 9:10

    1.-The celebration that impressed me the most was the one from Peru because there is a tradition to burn the Monigotes called Old Year that inside have old clothing and make the largest bonfire of the thing that doesn´t need the previous year.

    2.- The people of Ecuador celebrate the New Year burning the Monigotes,eating 12 greaps and running around the block with a suitcase at 12 o clock PM.

    3.- Yes because we celebrate the new year and the hope our dreams come true.

  28. Which of the countries celebrations impressed you the most? Why?

    My favorite celebration country is Argentina; I like it because the tradition is that they gathers together from around 9pm to eat and they eat very delicious foods such as the vitel tonne, asado, turron and pan dulce. There are delicious foods and that is because I felt more impressed of Argentina Celebration.

    How do people in our country celebrate New Year´s Eve?
    Well we celebrated it in the midnight when we burned dummies, the dummies are burned at 00:00 on January the 1st, in the streets, and the people celebrate in this moment giving kisses and hugs, sometimes the people eat grapes and then eat a traditional dinner that is turkey. We stay with the family enjoying the New Year.

    Do you consider New Year´s Eve celebration important? Why?
    Yes I do, because we need to celebrate New Year being with your family and plan my goals for the New Year. I think is one of the moments when our family have time to enjoy, eat, play, sing and also to dance.

    I like this celebration because I see all my family, my grandfather, my aunt, my uncle and my cousins and this is so special for me, because for me being with the family is the most important thing that exists.

  29. United states, because I love the way they celebrate New year in New York city. The "ball dropping" on top of One Times Square in New York City is a major component of the New Year celebration. It is important, because it is good to begin a new year very happy and all together.

  30. Ciarelle Velarde V8 de enero de 2012, 16:57

    Brasil impressed me the most because all the people wear white clothe and they make lot of parades and festivals.We celebrate new year by eating in family , eating twelve grapes and burning olds.Yes , because we are celebrating a new year.

  31. 1.-Which of the countries celebrations impressed you the most? Why?
    One that impressed me a lot was Italy's celebration, because I think it is kind of wierd to throw the old items by the window
    2.-How do people in our country celebrate New Year´s Eve?
    they are many ways to celebrate new years eve but most of the people buy an rag doll and then they burn it with gasoline and some explosives
    3.-Do you consider New Year´s Eve celebration important? Why?
    Of course it is important because we celebrate that a new year is coming

  32. 1. The Country that impressed me was Republic of china ,Because they celebrate new year's eve with concerts and that's awesome.
    2. In our country, people celebrate new year's eve,with the burning dummies and with fireworks or other people prefer to go to nightclubs.
    3. Yes is important to celebrate new year's eve because we are sayin goodbye to that year and welcome next year with festives or parties,fireworks and other kind of celebrations.

  33. daniela felix 7b9 de enero de 2012, 8:35

    1.The city that impress me the most is New York because they meet in Time Square,and more than one million of people see the great ball during 7 hours.
    2.In our country people meet to have dinner and play with fireworks at 12 o clock, we burn the rag doll and drink champagne.
    3.Yes,it is important because it means other year having bless of God and having the love of our family.

  34. Thanks for your comments kids......have a great year!!!

  35. 1.The city that impressed me the most was New york.
    2.People in our country celebrate New year´s eve by burning rag dolls.
    3.I think celebrating New year´s eve is important because we know that there is going to be a new year and to thank god for another year to live.

  36. I like the celebration of New York, because I think that the tradition to see the ball dropping during a long time,should be fun.
    In our country we only celebrate with fireworks and burning the "rag doll". I think that we don´t have to celebrate it in this form, because the fireworks are dangerous, but we can celebrate it only with a meeting with our family .

    Marcelo Armijos G. 6th Basic "B"

  37. New Year is celebrated in many different ways all over the world..but seems to us that for you there is no place like HOME. May you enjoy these precious moments with your family and relatives all the time. : )


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